For a designer who takes great pleasure in his work and also likes to enjoy an occasional pint, working on the My Muggie drink handle was a dream project. I was able to combine two things that I really enjoy. However, I had to first partake in some highly important “research” with the client.

I met the owner/creator of the My Muggie, Russell Brooks, at a bar in far East Dallas. We sat down at a table and placed a couple of his inventive handles over our cold beers. While we were having our first sips, we were approached by other patrons who were very curious about these colorful drink grips. He explained to them in his wonderful Texas drawl about the many benefits of the My Muggie. As I sipped, he sold. “Keeps yer hands dry. Feels like drinkin’ from a real mug. Removing yer hand from the bottle makes for a colder drink. Comes in all-sorts-a great colors. Floats!” I think he had sold 5 before I finished my first beverage.

After putting in what I felt like was sufficient research, I called a cab and headed home to start some post research, or soberfication.

During the next few weeks I began the exciting process of actually designing the logo and packaging.

Below are samples of that work at different stages. At the bottom is the final product.

Please visit if you want to grab a few My Muggies and as the tagline goes, Get a Handle on It.

Please note, I am not the designer of his website. Hopefully, Russ will hire me to spruce that up soon. Research will be needed of course!

Photo credit: Sam Martinez